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Some duties of the Treasurer are:
  • Receive all receipts, deposits township revenue, and is a signer on all accounts
  • Collects taxes on behalf of the township and other tax-levying units
  • Invests surplus funds in approved depositories
  • Prepares financial statements

Treasurer:  Robert Szalka -

Deputy Treasurer:  Cheryl Szalka -


Attached is information on the Richmond-Columbus Inter-County Drain Project that some residents are being assessed for on their tax bills. Click on Richmond Columbus Intercounty Drain


The Memphis School Board in December 2017 moved to request the local tax authorities collect all Memphis School taxes in our summer tax bills.  As Richmond Township Treasurer I am sending you this notice to advise you starting with your summer 2018 tax bill, the Memphis School operating, debt, and sinking fund millage and corresponding tax amounts will appear along with the other millage currently on your summer tax bill (State Education, Macomb Coummunity College Operating, and Macomb County operating).  This change requested by the School Board will now increase your summer taxes and decrease your winter taxes.  As your township treasurer, I felt it was important that I highlight this upcoming change to you.  For those of you that have mortgage companies which pay your taxes, I leave it to you to decide if you will notify those mortgage companies of this upcoming change.  I am honored to be serving you as your Township treasurer.